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Indiana Worker's Compensation: Avoiding Social Security Disability Offsets

In many Indiana Worker's Compensation Cases , an injured worker might receive a lump sum settlement after the injured worker has completed all necessary medical treatment and has been placed at maximum medical improvement by the treating doctor. This lump sum settlement could be based upon three components: 1) unpaid or future medical expenses; 2) unpaid or future wage loss benefits; and 3) compensation for any permanent injury the worker sustained. The worker's compensation lump sum settlement is made under Indiana Code Section 22-3-2-15. It is referred to as a Section 15 Settlement. This lump sum settlement is tax free. Prior to settling the worker's compensation case, it is important to determine whether the injured worker is thinking about or has applied for Social Security Disability Benefits because any lump sum worker's compensation settlement could potentially negatively impact the injured worker's receipt of Social Security Disability Benefits. In ot